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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

PI DAY another reason to blog!

Do you love Blogging? 

Since I was first introduced to the worldwide web one of my favorite things has been learning and sharing. It may have been about my creative interests or business life-most often I find that the things I want to share combining what I am learning... Spiritual path, business focus, art, ideas to begin anew, Life. Often right in the middle of developing an idea I am interrupted and dang! I lose my train of thought or it may take an entirely different direction.  Pinterest helps me to quickly capture ideas, recipes, sites to go back to and more. Recently I noticed that Pinterest has a widget creator!  I was just in the middle of creating a "Things I'm Researching" board when I noticed this so I decided to try it out an see if it could be a helpful tool. So far I don't get it... Moving on...


Sunday, January 1, 2017

"One Word" My Focus For 2017

Today we are stepping into a brand new year.

 For some it is viewed as just another day and for others it is just another New Year and for still others it is THAT day or more directly New Years day but for many others it is THE Day to begin anew. 

It may mean that time of special reflection and goal setting. Perhaps you write out a page of resolutions in expectation of getting it right this year... Getting to your appointments on time, losing a specific amount of weight, beginning an exercise regimen, following through on your To Do List daily, improving one's health, and on and on.  By the mid point of the year less than 47% of those folks have kept their resolution. 

Ultimately resolutions can be very difficult to maintain. There are many reasons but I feel it is very similar to an interesting definition I heard many years ago that has been attributed to among others: Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. Perhaps you know it too... "Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results" {Insanity}. I find that "the same thing" is setting those goals and resolutions but finding down the road we just need a break from that diet or our exercise is too difficult or even that we simply can't check off those To Do's and then we begin to beat ourselves up for our lack of determination etc. All in all I think many would agree that the New Year and its freshness might feel like a revolving door un-achieved resolutions/goals.
A number of years ago as my new calendar was making it's debut I also had been hearing about choosing a single word, or "One Word" for the New Year.
I began to ruminate on this concept as well. When our family got together to celebrate Thanksgiving 2014 I shared an idea with them. This idea was to create [oh yeah, this blog is mostly about creating] a banner...a simple one made with shipping tags. Each tag would represent our personal "One Word". It turned out really cute and it was such a fun but meaningful project.

I have continued to select a new word year by year. Why? For me it is about a single FOCUS. 
I wanted to share a few other articles and sites that shared "One Word" experiences, thoughts or ideas. I hope you will find it a challenge for you and perhaps check out
a few of the links below.

In case you are wondering what I selected for my "One Word" in this New Year is...Drum Roll ........ I selected Complete...

Colossians 2:10New King James Version (NKJV)

10 and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.
So-ooo perhaps you will join me, if so....
One more thought...

If it is worth our focus, worth our ruminating, worth thinking and debating on what "One Word" important...

What does that mean? Treat it like when we are determined to memorize that very important class assignment or the name of someone very special to you!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Day After Christmas

My Day After Christmas

Do you enjoy the day after Christmas? I do. What do you enjoy doing?

Even though I am unusually exhausted from all the previous shopping, my mind is busy thinking about those special gifts I received. I am like a kid in a candy store, I want to play with my new toys AND yours too! 
This morning even before I came down for my first cup of tea I was enjoying my new Amope Pedi Perfect. Thanks Sweetie, that was a very thoughtful gift! I wondered if I was going to see good results removing those thick layers of dry skin (you know., those callouses formed because of all the long shopping hours, crazy cooking in the kitchen and charging up and down the stairs). Although I did not take a lot of time on the rough stuff, I was happy with my first use of this gift. 
After enjoying my tea I was thinking about that really cool Keurig that Tom received from our dear friends the Sibsons. (Thank You both!- such a thoughtful gift) Tom got it all set up while I watched supervised. He really enjoyed his first cup! 
Now that our feet are soft and we're feeling toasty from the yummy beverage I noted I had not taken time to make a batch of the Butternut Squash Pear Soup even though I had shopped for the ingredients a few days ago. 

H-mmmm so maybe I could put that together while making us some Eggs & Bacon since the soup also used bacon, clever logic, right? Well 1 1/2 hours later we finally sat down to our breakfast, I'll tell you a secret...I earned it, whew! 

We had to take a break after that party in the kitchen but I'll tell you another secret, (that soup was so-ooo worth the effort.)

Oh, did I mention , my friend Greta shared the recipe with me several years ago and I am so glad she did. Thank You Greta!

After my snooze  I finally pulled out another cool fun toy. It is the Anna Griffin MINC Foil Laminator. 
My friend Diane (who is ALWAYS in the know about the funnest trends for stamp crafting gifted me this cool toy.)I can't wait to have a craft play date with you my friend!)

I had a blast pulling out all the fun goodies and then watching the videos I found on Youtube. It was really amazing how many folks have shared their experiences using theirs and I can't wait to try it out- but ahhh that must wait for another day has run away -even though I have lots more to share.But alas It will have to wait for another post.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Many Rabbit Trails?

It's funny how the mind can can head down a rabbit trail. My good friend often said this  about herself when she started on one topic and it wove here and there finally came to rest at a completely different topic. The title of my post...How Many Rabbit Trails  was a moment where I paused to ask myself (then had to Google) How many days until 2017? 

In case you are curious too, we have seen  286 days pass and we are now just 80 days away from the New Year according to Easysurf

Talking about rabbit trails, as I thought for a moment about the speed at which the year has passed it caused me to wonder just how many weeks I have left in this year. is a cool little widget that  tells me there are just 11 weeks until December 31st, that's 79 days and OH my... that means there is just 73 days Christmas.  

All this thinking about countdowns reminds me of one really looming countdown in my country. Our USA Presidential Elections are just 26 days away so hopefully you are not still on the fence, <sigh>.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Last 108 Days

Just 108 days to go... Just 108 days left before 2016 is just a memory.

And since you and I know many of those days will inevitably be swallowed up by busy seasons like Fall Break, planning towards Thanksgiving and Christmas, and more maybe come to realize we need a new plan, right?. Fortunately for you and I we can still complete our key plans and goals IF we start now. Start what you might be wondering. Darren Hardy shares a great piece of advice. It focuses on taking personal responsibility for our success.The common sense point is simple.  Successful people commit to taking personal responsibility for their lives and careers.  We demonstrate our commitment to taking personal responsibility when we do three things.  1) Do the little things that others won’t.  2) Choose to respond positively to the people and events in our life.  3) We make sure our calendar reflects our life and it's priorities.  If we will do these three things, we’ll not only be taking personal responsibility for our life focus, we’ll finish strong in 2016 and start fast in 2017. 
“Make sure your calendar represents the priorities you claim to be most important in life.”

That’s my take on my last 108 days this year.  What’s yours?  

Please take a few minutes to comment on this post, and share your thoughts with me. 
Thanks for reading.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Savoring the Season: Apricot Bounty and More

Preserving season is in full swing in my little area of the world!  I’m in need of taking a brief break from it myself WHEW!!

Last month we were overjoyed to discover the cherry tree was producing a wonderful crop.

I froze a bunch of quart sized bags, tried Fresh Cherry Pie, my new favorite Cherry Pudding Cake and a not so favorite clafouti. We had so many cherries I went out and got a Cherry Pitter which really helped speed up the pitting process. Grandson Luke was excited about tasting Cherry Pie so I promised him a Fresh Cherry Pie. My sweetheart and I headed to Idaho for a few days with a housewarming gift of the promised Fresh Cherry Pie. It was a delight to see how excited he was that it was there in the their new home. 


I also enjoyed a break here and there watching a few youtube videos that showed some very creative ways to pit cherries! 



I started out tackling July's throwing together a quick batch of Apricot syrup for my sweet grandnephews who came to visit. It was a simple mash of a few cups of apricots and a bit of sugar cooked in a pot on the stove long enough to bring out all the juices. We all enjoyed it sooo much!  It was Yum...These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy with apricots  ripening and dropping faster than my sweetheart can keep up with them... I decided we better pull out some recipe ideas... Apricot Leather, pie, Apricot Pudding Cake... The first batch of leather was amazing.The boys liked it so much they took home all but a few strips :) Next I grabbed my Apricot Jam recipe and got busy. Before too long those apricots were ripening FAST so I began freezing quart bags in between jam batches and a few random desserts. As the apricots increased ripening and dropping at the beginning of August I was trying the various recipes to use as much as I could of my yummy apricots.  

I also called in the troops- my friend Maieli and her granddaughter Amber came to pick some apricots and we decided to turn them in to jam here at the Ferrier Chalet.

Sweetheart Tom and I continued to work on the apricots since what I have learned from past years was that next year we may have a zero harvest so enjoy it now.  

So what is next? Apples, and did I mention the plums?

Well it looks like it is time to jump back in with both feet...As the weeks have progressed, the apricot trees have thinned out but a quick look at our property and I note it is time to get set to tackle plums, tomatoes, apples, herbs, and maybe some neighboring peaches too. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tea Time With The Grandkids

It was our first visit since the birth of little brother Leo Alexander so we were catching up, celebrating birthday parties (Luke's 6th on March 23rd had just passed and Fiona's 10th April 4th had also just passed) and generally just enjoying time together. We planned our very first tea party ever. Fiona, Luke, Grandma Ferrier and Grandpa Ferrier held the tea party at the apartment in San Jose, Ca. Grandma interviewed the children to get ideas of what would be the perfect foods to serve, what kinds of teas to plan for and of course what theme to use. Luke asked for Honey Water Tea, sharing that he loved cinnamon buns and chocolate and Fiona said she adored Pomegranate tea and her favorites for a tea party would be cookies and chocolate. Grandma and Grandpa found a teapot and small cups at World Market and some Lacey cookies. The local Safeway had fresh strawberries, blackberries, Cinnamon Buns and some Salted Caramel cookies. Then we found some savory snacks at Trader Joe's; our newest favorite cheese, Cambozola along with some Rosemary crackers and Trader Joe's Pretzel Slims and some Agave Nectar. A visit to the local dollar store was perfect to set the table with square shaped floral plates with matching napkins and clever egg shaped toothpicks for the fresh fruit bites. Luke helped set the table and prepare the fruit bites while the tea was brewing. It turned out to be a wonderful tea party!

As we enjoyed our tea and munched the delicious sweet and savory foods we talked about our plans for the next tea party and the excitement of getting to come to grandmas house! I am so very delighted to enjoy this time with my grandkids and cannot wait to have them come to my house too!