Saturday, May 7, 2022

It's National Scrapbook Day!

Today, the first Saturday in May is all about Scrapbook Day... so I'll share a  page I created to document special moments in our life...
My sweetheart and I are all about enjoying life's moments😍
This image is all about our dreams and where they have taken us throughout the years. 

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Finding Joy In Your Life

Are you in need of some joy in your life? Has this covid crisis and this time of separation left you isolated and feeling very alone? So many of us are experiencing this. We are just beginning to attempt life outside of "lockdown" and other life hardships... I'm not sure we remember how. 

My sweet friend Diane who is known for her unique ways of reaching out to people, used to host these fun Game Nights for recreation, food and always loads of fun. So many friends have been missing these hosted activities and pressing for a commitment to the calendar.

I love investigating and ruminating on words.I wondered what does recreation fully imply... h-mmm.

A person involved in recreation is "re-creating" themselves. The whole point of recreation, as the original Latin word recreare implies, is to refresh and renew.

Types of Recreation

  • Physical activities (sports, games, fitness, etc.)
  • Social activities (parties, banquets, picnics, etc.)
  • Camping and outdoor activities (day camps, resident camps, backpacking, float trips, etc.)
  • Arts and crafts activities (painting, scrapbooking, ceramics, woodworking, etc.) 
When attending my sweet friend's game nights in the past, we would often play interactive and board games, enjoy an amazing array of personalities and foods while trying desperately to win while hearing the latest news from our friends. 

Finally the calendar had a date and in anticipation of the date I heard that this Game Night included my friend Diane's famous Zuppa and Garlic Bread! M-mmm, I was in!  

We were delighted to see so many friends- along with lots of other classics... crackers and cheeses, fruit plates, veggie platters, and a few sweeties! 

We started the games with Left, Center, Right and a similar one Left Center Right Wild. Just when you think you are out of the game you find yourself back in again. The next game, Spoons brought back some funny memories! My sisters thought it was so much fun to conspire while we played to ensure I lost. Haha! I also remembered another time playing and wondering if my new dining table was going to be history...this game so-ooo brings out the desire to win. This time it was a hurt shoulder, a broken spoon and smacked hands...all in all,not too serious a risk threat (unless someone failed to report other injuries. ;) 
Mad Gab we teamed up. Hilarious!  It is always a fun and interesting time. 
I had to take a minute to see what others like to play in social settings and another momentary rabbit trail ensued... so I discovered you can make your own game or search for a game like Mad Gab (which are actually flashcards) at this site

Pssst! You can even play online if nobody showed up for your game night!

So dear friend Diane, how successful was this night? Hats off to you dear friend! 
So in Mad Gab spirit I leave you this: 
Abe Less Sing... 
and for those who didn't figure out this Mad Gab...

Monday, March 28, 2022

Time With Friends Of The Heart

Finally, finally, finally... dear friends we had the opportunity to have a girls night over! Do you long for those special moments to gather with friends of the heart...that deep need for some time together with those people that feed your spirit...whether you are sharing moments of pain, joy, deep sorrow or wonderful spiritual awakening. 

Our first evening we had a really unique time of spiritual worship as we participated in an event at their church, Crossroads Christian Fellowship. It was so uplifting. It was like getting a wonderful drink of cool water on a hot, hot day. Here is a quick question for you dear readers. What does worship mean to you? 

The next day we all went to a mineral hot springs, 
Crystal Hot Springs. My first experience of this type in our state. Wow the day was absolutely perfect. This week our temperatures had finally headed into the 70's, what perfect weather. The pools are various temperatures... some like relaxing bath water, some cooler and some hot. There are these fun waterslides also although we opted for the relaxing pools this visit. What a perfect afternoon we had. 

We ended our fun stopped at a drive-in that has been around since 1937... that is 85 years! It is well known for it's yummy shakes made with rich homemade ice cream, a place called The Peach City. It tasted so divine! In all fairness it just might also have been extra special because not included items like this in my food plan for a bit. I have been on a weight loss journey for a while and usually choose to exclude such foods with low nutritional density to food energy ratios. Yes it was a treat and yes I enjoyed every yummy spoonful. 

Driving home I reflected on all the moments we've shared and how special it is to have "friends that know the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.”

Have you been on empty for a while? Is it time for you too?

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Scraps of Life, Friendship Bread and Relationship

Today I started out thinking about my new project that came from my sister Kathi. Perhaps you've heard of it,  Amish Friendship Bread. Today it is time to feed the starter some flour, milk and sugar. This starter came in the form of a gift for Christmas...(we celebrate in January to accommodate Christmas travel etc.). My sister Kathi started the bread starter and we are now on day 6 for this starter. Time to feed the starter...ha-ha! It kinda sounds like "time to bake the donuts!" It is now busy bubbling and fed.

Earlier I wrote about some other thoughts on my blog dedicated to my Nana called Nanas inspiration. Of the life she shared, it often it took place in the kitchen and started while making food, eating or cleaning up. As I reflected on what this bread represents I thought about how simple things like bread, sharing our workload, our interests and our energy in life build relationships and that can influence one life so powerfully. I also shared about a friend who had a heart for being there to help in life and what it meant for so many. That friend and his sweet wife are two amazing people who know how to share life with others. They have built relationship in life simply by sharing their life...all of it with those around them. Sometimes it is food at the table, sometimes it is time and other times it has been in asking others to help them with a moment in life. What did it all add up to when we said goodbye to our sweet friend in April his year? Lives forever changed in powerful ways...So today was just about feeding the starter and by day 10 it will be about baking bread but is it really? Does it have to be just that? Maybe it is about a life you can touch, or about that moment where we gift our time and heart to someone. Today may be your day to reach out...and if you haven't taken a moment today to share your life whether in sharing a "friendship bread starter, calling a friend, connecting in person or just a simple text or comment on social media. Remember, "Friendship isn't a big thing, it is a million little things." 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

QR Code and How I am Using Them

The QR Code has been used in so many ways. QR stands for "Quick Response.While they may look simple, QR codes are capable of storing lots of data. But no matter how much they contain, when scanned, the QR code should allow the user to access information instantly – hence why it’s called a Quick Response code. My recent jump into the QR Code scene has been fun, creative and useful. These are codes I created and what I am using them for but in the future I plan to expand its use to other areas helpful around my home like labeling the contents of a bin. I am currently researching how to best do that.

My newest code in 2022 is QR Code with the company logo takes you directly to my personal health and wellness website. I printed these on labels to attach to our newest catalog.

When we head out to into the business world I sometimes need a method of product or services payment and there are some great apps for that which use QR Codes so on can simply pay sellers by scanning a thier displayed QR code

Radical Assets, our business website uses this QR Code with a logo in the center takes a person to the site.
Our health and wellness company has a website for its products and information about how to use them. This cute one with the dinosaur in the center leads to it.

As with so many things in our world today hackers have found a way to do their thing and we must be our own advocate to safely use them. I found this article about QR Code and security on the site to be valuable for identifying hazards and also how to safely use this technology.  


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

One Word: Thoughts Going in to the New Year in 2022

Last night I found myself saying it aloud to our business team... "39 days until the New Year. " Wow this year has been a lot of things. I began it with hope; my dreams, desire, intention all focused on being resilient. I had selected my One Word for 2021 as resilient with my focus on overcoming, standing strong, holding out and holding on. I did not know it then but for so many areas of life it would be painful, hard, reflective and in many areas it related to beginning again. I'm looking and longing for better days. 

Here we are just 38 days until this year ends...just like that roll of toilet paper analogy.

Reflecting on that thought above, just 38 days left in this year brought me back to refocusing on not just finishing strong but what my one word will be in this new upcoming year. It reminded me I had placed a note in my phone back at the beginning of the month for a word I was pondering. Perhaps it would be my choice for 2022...ABUNDANCE. I liked this quote from Eckhart Tolle.

This concept of selecting One Word that I had begun many years back...perhaps you too may have also heard of this idea...selecting one word to focus on in the new year rather than writing out resolutions I select a single word. 

I really like how this author explained it

... Hm-mmm that word I mentioned topped her list.

The practice of choosing a “Word of the Year” is that, instead of setting a lot of different New Years resolutions, you select one single word to be your focus for the year.

You can use that word to set goals or intentions for each area of your life but have them all tie back to the single word. For example, if your word of the year was “abundance” you might have sub-goals of investing in an abundant number of friendships, or hitting an income goal, or spending more quality time with the people you love without your phone. “Discipline” could entail going to the gym, sticking to an evening routine, and no longer being late to meetings. 

By tying all of your goals back to your overarching word, it is easy to keep them front-of-mind. 

2022 Word of the Year Ideas

    1. Abundance
    2. Adventure
    3. Align
    4. Authentic
    5. Available
    6. Aware
    7. Balance
    8. Become
    9. Better
    10. Bless
    11. Bold
    12. Breathe
    13. Bright
    14. Calm
    15. Celebrate
    16. Centered
    17. Challenge
    18. Change
    19. Commitment
    20. Compassion
    21. Confidence
    22. Connect
    23. Creativity
    24. Cultivate
    25. Daring
    26. Dedicated
    27. Delight
    28. Devotion
    29. Discipline
    30. Distance
    31. Dream
    32. Embrace
    33. Emerge
    34. Empower
    35. Expansion
    36. Express
    37. Faith
    38. Feast
    39. Fit
    40. Focus
    41. Forgiveness
    42. Foster
    43. Free
    44. Friendship
    45. Glow
    46. Giving
    47. Grace
    48. Gratitude
    49. Grounded
    50. Honesty
    51. Hope
    52. Humility
    53. Integrity
    54. Intentional
    55. Intuition
    56. Journey
    57. Joy
    58. Kind
    59. Learn
    60. Listen
    61. Love
    62. Magnify
    63. Meek
    64. Mindful
    65. Motion
    66. Nourish
    67. Nurture
    68. Organize
    69. Passion
    70. Peace
    71. Permission
    72. Persistance
    73. Play
    74. Polish
    75. Power
    76. Present
    77. Progress
    78. Radiant
    79. Recovery
    80. Relationships
    81. Release
    82. Reset
    83. Resilient ** (I added this word for 2021)
    84. Resolute
    85. Rise
    86. Risk
    87. Savvy
    88. Service
    89. Simplicity
    90. Slow
    91. Smile
    92. Space
    93. Sparkle
    94. Strong
    95. Teach
    96. Thrive
    97. Tranquil
    98. Whole
    99. Yes
    100. Zen
    101. Zest

Have you picked a word for the year? I’d love to hear it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Do You Remember


Yesterday we celebrated my sweet husband's birthday. Reflecting on life took my thoughts down many paths. Celebrating his 69th revolution around this planet, we together have experienced so many moments. Life has changed in so many ways... Sometimes we think about those Seriously? and Yeah Right moments. And how about those that Make you wanna to go hmmmm moments. But today my thoughts were on humorous  remembrances,  those Oh-hhh and Ah-hhh moments, those Oops! and even Double Oops moments.

Do you remember when you got that way COOL shiny AOL CD in the mail and thinking "That is WAAAY too much to spend (but the 100 free hours sucked you in)"?

Do You Remember excitedly running when you heard the words "You've Got Mail" ? That quote became iconically paired to the movie Sleepless In Seattle with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

I remember a conversation with my friend Mary when she was talking about staying in contact with another friend then living in Switzerland and using her computer to send email. I was like, WHAT is email? What? She can get email in seconds? How can I get email? Funny because that was before I even HAD a computer or even know how to turn one on. It is strange how a conversation like that can launch you down a pathway you had never thought of before.  

Do you remember the friend in Switzerland I mentioned? I was so excited to finally get a computer and so very excited at the amazing possibility of emailing my friend. 

My  friend Mary told me about a service called Juno Mail, a free service that opened a gateway to send and receive email. Their tagline at the time was Email Should Be Free. I love FREE!

...That is when I entered into the world of emailing.


I learned how to compose my email and how to send it out but I guessed I missed something...

I was so excited and I wanted to share things going on in my life during that time so I included in my email some fun pictures and links to my new favorite world wide web places and lots more...that's when I learned about something called email etiquette. 

  1. DO NOT TYPE IN CAPS:Its considered yelling. Oh-hhh!  
  2.  VERY IMPORTANT:During that time in the history of the world wide web pictures took a very long time to download and when you were paying by the minute to see a silly, unimportant and non pertinent thing it might make people frustrated or mad at you...Oops! My bad! Also it was her husband's work Compuserve account... Double Oops! 

Who'd have thought there was a new etiquette in town? I guess I should have taken that class.

I did learn a new lesson that I'm pretty sure my mom told me long before that moment... "Nothing in this world is really FREE!" It all comes with a price. 

Enjoy the ride.

A paraphrase my sister Kathi shared pertaining to a Las Vegas trip and the slots...
It is entertainment. Don't plan to get a boatload of money out of the machine, maybe you will maybe you won't...enjoy the ride. With the internet the same is true, sometimes you will, sometimes you won't but along the way enjoy the ride.

Oh and getting back to my sweetheart and remembering; Do You Remember the first time that special person said "I love you"? I had dozed off with my head in his lap-It had been a long and busy day...It was my birthday in fact.We had left the party my friend had put together for me and went back to my place. We were relaxing on the couch with the TV playing in the background and just as I was beginning to wake I swear I heard him say, "I think I'm in love with you". Oh-hhhhh, H-mmm, Uh-hhh... I was thinking as I quietly pretended I was still asleep. 😊