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Thursday, January 8, 2009

On to the New Year

2009 has made it's grand entrance and so I am running to catch up with the New Year. It promises to be an exciting one.

Our president-elect Barak Obama will be sworn in January 20th using the same Bible that Lincoln was sworn into office with.

He resolved to bring change to the nation...
We are all on the edge of our seats watching this president and wondering will he bring positive or negative "change" to this nation.

The New Year brings with it thoughts of the past...What don't I want to repeat this year? It also brings thoughts of resolve toward the future and perhaps a bit of concern as well. Can I successfully keep my promises to myself?

Have you made a list of resolutions? Here are a few of mine...
  • Keep up with my blog
  • organize my pantry
  • clearly identify goals in writing
  • lose 10% of my current weight
  • develop 2 new business partners