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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pretty Packaging- A Recycle Challenge

Clever catches our attention and our imagination! For me it also makes it hard for me to discard...even when it comes to me as "just a cheese box" or "just an oatmeal container"...especially if you've been on Pinterest lately and seen what others are doing with just a toilet paper tube! Ahh, recycling and upcycling, what this post is about :) What can I do with the accumulation of clever packages I've saved.

What about these cute earrings! Upcycled Earrings
Here are a couple clever links too!

Pay It Forward

Bunny Box

This cute round box is what I want to focus on today. I have a pile of these setting around and am excited to try my hand at them. Wanna join me???

Upcycled Brie Box

Update: I'd like to offer up a challenge! What clever idea do you have "in your little brain" as my friend Melanie D. often says... 
I'd love to see what you created with a Laughing Cow cheese box, so here's the deal. Send me a picture of your upcycled pretty package, I'll post them :) I'd love to hear your comments.