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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old Boxes and....Addictions

I found an old receipt that my mother had saved. It was stuffed in amongst one of the many of her old photos.It was for a camera she had purchased as a youth. She was an avid amateur photographer and she documented her life for years using the many cameras she owned.

I grew up thinking that all facets of life were kept track of through those little (at the time) black boxes. The many boxes of pictures my mom left behind have become to me a daily journal of who she was, what she loved and what she invested time into during the course of her life.

Interestingly I seem to have the same addiction to my camera. I keep one in my purse and as if that isn't enough, I also have one on my cell phone.

While surfing the net an article caught my eye on a particular site that made me want to post a comment. It was a discussion about Iphones and good pictures. What are good pictures to you? Are they always in focus? Do they have the images centered properly? Was the lighting perfect? My answer to myself was much more simplified...I love capturing the moment and I love that my iphone's always with me. I tried to express my point by putting together a show of some recent shots while on vacation in Michigan. I've added it to my sidebar so you can see for yourself. I'm able to get some really neat shots...its all in the moment for me :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Disney Magic and More

Our youngest son invited us on a trip to Disney this past week. As it turned out Disneyland goes through a dramatic transformation at this time of year. In a single day it is suddenly a whole new look at the park from fun summer activities to Harvest and Halloween Adventures.
The parades, costumes and activities are all turned toward the spooky, pumpkins, skeletons oh my! All done in the way only Disney can pull off...not too creepy...just enough to whet the appetites of those who love the costumed, the creepy the crazy and corn-y.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Disney Here We Come

I love the freedom of simply throwing a few things in our bags and hitting the road! I am so-ooo looking forward to spending a few days with Nate, Lauren & Fiona in Disneyland. Did our bosses give us a tough time when we planned to take the time off? No. Did we loose any clients while away? Nope. Were we worried that someone else was getting in good with the boss when we took time away? No. Did I lose a check while away? No Way! Why you might ask :) Well the answer is that we are not bound by the typical rules of play with a JOB! When we take time away our business grows and our check still comes. As Robert KIyosaki stated in his book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" ,“The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else is trained to look for work.” Our Xango network allows us time freedom as well as financial freedom!

So....DISNEY here we come!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Anniversary Darling

We're celebrating our 37th anniversary today, I have an awesome husband. What makes him so awesome is he is faithful in the little things in our lives. He truely is my soulmate which God has graciously picked specifically for me.

So what do we have planned to celebrate? A fairly average day...We enjoyed our favorite soup and salad at Olive Gardens and had business appointments throughout the day. We will be enjoying some time with one of our sons and his family in Disneyland tomorrow-having time with our children is our greatest joy and we are so blessed to be able to hop on the road and enjoy moments like this because of our wonderful business. Xango has given us so much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monthly Stamp Club

I had a ball at our monthly Stampin Up stamp club and I wanted to show you what my talented friend and Stampin Up demonstrator Melanie Diane Sibson taught. It is a beautiful technique that uses Shimmery White cardstock and liquid inks.

Diane is always so generous with her time and talents...In fact a clever use of the stamp set Sense of Time features a time worn look of old suede ink antiqued over gold embossing powder on the face of the clock. Wide twill tape is stamped with a cute quote and stitching.

The card "Friends", a simple card with a delightful border punch accent uses beautiful paper from the collection, Night & Day, a Specialty paper. It is found in Stampin Up's 2009 Holiday Mini Catalog.

She also had prepared for us a stunning Glittery Medallion card. It is a new for 2009 background design that fills a 4.25 x 5.5 card. We used a scruptious chocolate glitter from the Supernova collection to set this design off. It is a dazzler!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Compassionate Art

If you've stopped by my blog recently you may have noticed I have had a very full calendar... I am finally home after enjoying a wonderful week in Washington D.C.

While there I was able to see first hand the roots of our country, some of the tributes for men and women who have sacrificed to make our country such a great nation. Please take a peek at my album to see some of my experiences.

A friend dropped in today and as we talked he reminded me about a previous conversation we had and then shared the website for this extremely talented artist friend. Please stop by her website and read what she is doing to say thank you for those American servicemen and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Delighted in D.C.

Washington DC is an amazing city! It is home to some of the most precious doucments and artifacts of American history. We are here siteseeing and working, later this week we'll attend the Charity Awards International Dinner. Inside the National Archives today we viewed recent history along with ancient history as we viewed the Lawrence F O'Brien Gallery exhibition featuring big records, big events, and big ideas... a very cool exhibit! Shaq's shoe, a bathtub for made for Americas biggest president, an enormous map of the Gettysburg battlefield and the long, long 13-foot scroll of the Articles of Confederation-the first constitution of the United States. We are looking forward to the Charity Awards International Dinner this Friday, an organization it a clip ...take a look.
All the displays in the National Archives were curious and insightful but mostly I was left with a feeling of all those who chose to make a difference in their lives just like the Charity Awards Intl organization celebrates with the Awards Dinner. Thank you to all those who came before and paved the way.