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The Digital Scraproom

Digital Scrap booking, hm-mm isn't that an Oxymoron? 

When I first became enamored with the idea of rubber stamping I began a quest to learn about it's varied uses. It led me to scrap booking. Both rubber stamping and scrap booking  have become fun pastimes since they play into my true and creating...especially with paper.

So most of us "get" what scrap booking is but what exactly is Digital Scrap booking? 

Digital scrap booking combines the passion and desire to document life as all scrap bookers do but instead of printed photos and paper, stickers and plastic sleeves we use digital media and some type of software. 

I personally discovered digital scrap booking a bit by accident. When I did not have the "right" sticker, title heading or images to use in my handmade cards or scrap booking I would begin to look on the web for something I could print. I saw key words like printables and digital scrap booking and another favorite word, FREE! Oh boy I was on a roll! I put digital and free together in the search engine and what I found was astounding! I came up with a ton of sites that just happened to be digital scrap booking sites. That led to a second discovery nearly immediately, a lot of these sites offered freebies or samplers.

With all the samplers and freebies, I amassed quite a {random} collection of digital scrap booking papers and elements by site hopping. I was hooked!

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