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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ALSB? Assembly Line Scrap Booking

Are you familiar with the acronym ALSB? Assembly Line Scrap Booking is an idea I saw presented on the TV Weekly programs by Trisha Morris back a number of years ago. Since then TV Weekly has morphed into and they have released some great tools with this same concept in mind. I wanted to share a video Trish presented showing how this all worked but I like it so well I plan to keep it in the sidebar of my blog too. The techique will help us to whittle away at that crazy huge pile of papers we all seem to collect but we'll feel good about it since we'll be getting more done!

Trish has put together another video talking about ALSB and I'm convinced it will help you to  look at scrapping in a whole new way! In a future post I'll put this to the test...I hope you'll join me!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Card Club

Hi Friends...
Whoo hoo!! Yesterday was Card Club day at my dear friend Melanie D's! She had some wonderful cards designed and we all had a blast. Our cards this month included one of my most favorite new designs from Stampin Up from the Fanfair Collection, Postage Due. Then my friend had prepared a delightful card using a new stamp set from the International Bazarr Collection...the peacock set World Treasures is a treasure! The papers from this collection are yummy and remind me of the 60's with the influence of world market designs from around the globe. We used the Apothecary Framelits and Layered Lables along with a sweet bloom that is part of a special offer set for a minimum Purchase this month and finally the sweet quail set I've been wanting to use. Ok, OK all this talk...Lets see those terrific designs---------

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Smashing Idea!!

Have you heard about Smash Books? Perhaps you've heard the called Junk Journals. Any name you call them, I'd call them FUN!
Recently I signed up for an online class at Creative Passion, "Got Glue?" and was inspired to "get smashing", LOL.
As it often happens, now everywhere I go I see ideas for smashing, websites seem to lead to journaling, collage, mixed media and so on. Today while web surfing I happened to read an article "Making An Upcycled Smash Book" idea struck me and was so inspired!! Later I was visiting Mel Nunns Life Is A Canvas blog and I came upon her smash book challenge. What a great idea to get the ideas flowing! Wow, with topics like that I can think of all sorts of ideas. Some of my favorites were...
  • In The Garden
  • Where You Like To Shop
  • Pets (a favorite animal)
  • A Favorite Season
  • Favorite Color
  • Top 10 Songs 
  • Who Do You Love
 Ok so now back  the thoughts that stimulated this post... I had this cool idea to marry several things that have got my interest of late. My recent swapping activities have been almost exclusively focused on ATC's and most of my creative time on the web has led me to collage, mixed media, and journaling sites. The process of creating ATC's has me doing alot of experimenting. As I cut, spray, color and tear lots of cool remnants are left over and I've been wondering what to do with my scraps besides just tossing them. It occured to me a great Smash topic would be the creative process that leads me to the ATC design and all the remnants and cast offs would be exactly what could be used to smash in its pages...along with a few finished ATC's.

Monday, July 9, 2012

An exciting and SIMPLE New product

Did I ever mention I am a crazy person about evaluating how things work and what might work better? Whether it is an event and I notice the the registration is set up oddly or my craft room layout and I do this with products too. I've loved the nestabilities products...easy to store, incremental sizes, products that go together, and now they have worked out the problem of  full versatility on our most common A2 card... Perfect layering and more, check this video out! I'm headed back to my favorite online store Cut At Home to reserve some of these!
Spellbinders - Nestabilities - Card Creator -

Saturday, July 7, 2012

In Real Life

Real life happens to us all. It usually sneaks up on us as we are going about our everyday activities, and sometimes it clobbers us over the head with reality. The date of my last post was such a day...ordinary enough at the onset.
Mid-day we got a call from a friend asking us if we saw the fire that looked to be just up the street from us. We had just a few moments before seen the cloud of smoke and were trying to see where exactly it was. Not to long after, our friend was at our door. Her employer who lived a short distance away had just been evacuated along with his neighborhood.

We watched as the fire trucks raced up to the end of our street then more cars,various vehicles, news vans etc. Originally it looked as if the fire was going to be contained quickly...we had our hopes high as the forest service has rated this fire season. As the cloud of smoke became larger, helicoptors began circling in the air and we could now hear the roar of the fire and see the flames shooting up high into the was dubbed the Quail Fire and our attentive ears were on the local news. Later that evening as neighbors gathered up and down the street a police woman pulled up and knocked at my neighbor on the corners door...I remember saying uh-oh that can't be good. She backed down thier drive and next it was us...this was a warning of possible evacuation...a standby. We went inside and began identifying those things we could not replace...boxes of family pictures, important documents, personal items, and as we did we began making calls to family. An automated call came, notice to evacuate and we began loading our cars.  About 1/2 hour later another call came and we continued the process of loading what possibly would be all that was left of our personal belongings. It was dark as we headed down the street, the fire glowing on the mountain.

There were many vehicles and people up and down the street heading out of the subdivision, some taking pictures, some asking questions. My nephew had left with his sister a bit before us...he aproached our car to give us news. At this point we were not on a mandatory evacuation and so we had the option to go back home until a more serious threat might emerge.

It was hard going to bed that night...our clothes, shoes and car keys were in a pile close by our bedroom door which remained open that night. The home phone was in our room and volume was turned up too. In the morning the fire was clearly visible flames...smoke billowing everywhere.
July 4th 2012 6:50AM
One neighbor that was evacuated shared his story o the local was amazing to see what the fire damage was and where the fire stopped.

The days have gone on and with the passing of several we finally took the boxes out of the vehicles, clothes, food and key daily items are back in thier normal places. The many family pictures are still in boxes close to the door but I am getting closer to unpacking them. My heart falls every time I look out over the mountain but I am so grateful to God for the rain that has helped get the fire under control as well as the amazing firefighters who have fought tirelessly to protect us, our homes, and as much of the land as possible.
 Even now I hear the helicoptors circling, the firefighters are working toward containment and we are following the news in hopes that it is put out soon.

The brown you see on the mountain is the the Quail Fire damage visible from my front window.Check out more pics on my Instagram channel, myartistry.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Art Of Life and

Looking back on my week, a sense of accomplishment and joy fills me when I can say "My art has affected the quality of my enjoyment of life and the lives of others", it is such a  rewarding feeling. Henry David Thoreau said...

To affect the quality of the Day, that is the ART of Life.

This past few days I have been creating digital ATC's. I've made two for a Digital ATC Swap on Swap-bot. It is a fun diversion from, and change with tools and techniques I had been using. The two ATC's are quite different but I was pleased with the outcome on both. Above I started with a cool bohemian floral image then blended the quote and woman fanally adding the accent flowers. On the ATC shown below, I practiced grunge layering atop of a fun reptilian image.

Other swaps I've been working on include an ATC Pansy, and ATC that features elements that go over the edge of the card, an ATC using a book page as a main element, creating a postage stamp ATC picture, decorting an envelope with bees and finally a card with bees, butterflies or some other summertime critter. All of the swaps are on thier way and I'm on to other swaps but one thing remains... The quality of my day/week has been affected :)