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Monday, September 13, 2010

Everyone Loves a Wedding

I've been so busy getting ready for the many events of this year that I have neglected to blog about them. I am in awe of how time flies, especially as an adult. I really need to create a timeline of events for the coming year before it runs away like this one has!

Our dear friends the Sibsons are excitedly making last minute preparations for the marriage of thier daughter Elya. She is to be married on September 25th, 2010 at our home.

We have been busy making preparations to ensure the yard is in good shape. Since the weather warmed in the Spring our focus has been on getting the garden beds looking good, planting new flowers, eradicating weeds and clearing out brush from the Scrub Oak stands. As the summer approached our thoughts turned to adding visual appeal. We found a darling iron bicycle plant stand, gazebo and planters which added an ever so charming look to our yard!

Our hill is looking really beautiful now and you wouldn't know all the problems that occured in late spring. A heavy snow felled our mature Golden Willow and we had to begin replanting on our hill with more sun tolerant plants but befor we could begin, there was a huge job in getting the tree and its roots out. It was quite a chore and we were so thankful for friends that worked tirelessly with Tom to cut, haul, drill and scrape all the debris.

Shannon McKnight has been creating lists,orchestrating people and planning all the details for the Sibson family in preparation for the big day.

The day is nearing and our storage is filling up with all sorts of decor. We look so-oo forward to celebrating Elya & Adams day!