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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas and Family

We're in sunny Arizona to enjoy our children and grandchildren over the Christmas holidays.The weather has been mostly cooperative,it rained buckets as we drove from Utah to Arizona and we did have a bit of rain but mostly we've had sun and fun!
Christmas Day has been a blast...We enjoyed watching our spending time with son Nathan, his wife Lauren with thier family. Youngest grandson Luke (just 9 months) open his presents with the help of his big sister Fiona. All the grownups had been up til 3 AM helping Santa assemble Fiona's Majestic Mansion Dollhouse and Lukes new Laugh & Learn Learning Farm...quite the experience :)
After all the o-ooohh and ah-ing with exchanging gifties and unwrapping and a few minutes of play we were off across town to enjoy another round with our son Aaron, Maria & thier family. Lots of wrapping paper later everyone was trying out Evans new spring loaded pistol using the target Aaron had created, helping with Bumbleloom instructions and generally having lots of fun! One of Megans fav items was a full sized Justin Beiber!! She calls him her "husband". This was the first Christmas I can rememer that Tyler wasn't there but we'll see him and celebrate Sunday.
Many of the grownups were busy in the kitchen making ready for the dinner we would all enjoy was delicious!! Prime rib, ham, chicken, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and corn, rolls , and a jello salad. Lauren made some zuchini bread, a pumpkin ginger cake and an apple pie too...YUM. Many thanks to all the cooks :) We had a wonderful time and it was hard to say goodby but we had so-ooo much fun!
I love my family, and since not all of us were able to be together Christmas celebrating will go on into the New Year ha-ha! Until then....Merry Christmas to ALL!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Especially for You

Christmas season brings to mind
homemade gifts of every kind.
From my kitchen or from the shed, Sometimes painted, a lovely created
stamped or sewn or cafefully gift to you always especially for you in mind.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cooking up something special

While shopping at Michaels Crafts  I was sooooo happy to come across some Gingerbread House cookie cutters since I've been thinking about making a Gingerbread House for weeks.  I don't have a favorite gingerbread recipe but I think I've found a yummy one here.

While the gingerbread sounds absolutely scrumptious there are many other worthy recipes too...I liked the apple pie in a canning jar...mmmm!

Speaking of pie here is another site with a yummy sounding not a pie but "tastes like" dessert...Pumpkin Pie Bars.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grandbaby Fixes

Living in  differet city from my children has its challenges including making enough family time  and getting my "Grandbaby Fixes". We like to celebrate with our children on thier birthdays and especially like spending time with the newest members of the seems that babies grow and change so-ooo much!
Our son and his son had birthdays over the weekend! What a joy to spend time with everyone! Aaron has been working hard to remaster riding a unicycle. It looks harder to master than when he was twelve,  LOL. Our six year old grandson is so happy and easy to please...he circles all the boy toys in the catalog haha.
Our youngest grandson is just 8 months old and has gone from creeping to nearly walking on his own in just a couple weeks and he's had several new teeth pop through the gums in that same span of time.
Our  ten year old granddaughter is a girl after grandmas heart, she loves anything crafts so when we had a quiet moment she cuddles up beside me an says "Gandma tell me about what your working on right now and what does this craft tool do?"
The younger of my granddaughters is almost four. She is all about dancing, make believe and creative ideas of any sort. We play with Penny the dog, Marie her Aristocat stuffed kitty and numerous other stuffed furry friends lile Earl and Pearl the stuffed chipmunks. I come home tired but totally happy for my visit with them all.
I am already making  plans for the days leading up to Christmas... Yippie!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's THAT Time Of Year

It's THAT Time Of know...the weather is cooling, the shopping areas are featuring holiday displays and I'm thinking, "What can I make my friends and family for a gift?"

For instructions follow the link then scroll down to Bookmark Class 5, this idea is a fantastic idea for those friends, co-workers, relatives who appreciate a handmade gift!