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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Journey

Remember me sharing with you that I would be starting on my lifestyle reset? My lifestyle reset began with a decision to improve my overall health, but I wasn't interested in just a diet or this exercise trend or that pill. I wanted something for the overall me. I looked at many programs out on the market and from what I can see each one had a weakness...a flaw. I was extremely excited when Xango introduced a brand NEW category to thier trusted line of wellness products!!
In January I began my FAVAO Lifestyle Reset Journey!

I am just beginning into week 4 and I must say it has been an insightful, interesting and fun journey thus far. Did I say FUN? Yes! Really!
So heres the lowdown so far... 
  • Interesting Recipes
  • Satisfying Meals
  • Prepare Ahead
  • Fullness Factor = Not Hungary between meals...Yea!!!
  • Exercises for all levels of fitness
  • Interactive Forum of friends on the same journey
I thought you might be interested in seeing what I'm eating on my meal plan.
Hawaiian Pizza

Yogurt Parfait (disassembled LOL)

I feel like I've learned a few things along the way. Oh did you want to know if I'm making progress on the weight loss? YES!
As of Week 3 I am 10 lbs lighter...thats something to cheer about!!!
More than the pounds though I am feeling better. This is my first time ever doing a cleanse, the Favao Cleanse works from
deep intestinal cleansing to liver purification. I've noticed more energy, I feel clearer thinking and I just feel better all over.

Monday, January 16, 2012

FINALLY... Playtime in my Scraproom

My very first project of 2012 was a fun project shared by my dear friend Paige, the ALTERED CLIPBOARD. She has created one for her sweet little foster daughter as an aid to keeping her still during church service.

I made several as special Christmas gifts for my grandkids in 2011.
They were a big hit and I learned from my son that my daughter-in-law Maria was enamoured with them too. That was great news since her birthday follows just a bit after Christmas and finding just the right gift after Christmas is not always easy.

I had no problem settling on colors... I have this wonderful group of papers that are color grouped with several prints that look lovely together plus I was pretty sure she would enjoy the lavenders and playful prints. If you'd like to see Maria's clipboard check out the post entitled Personally For You
This project has been alot of fun and since creating the original clipboards for my Grandkids and Daughter-In-Law, my friend Melanie D and I have hosted a Monday Make It night and taught this lesson at our church, The Adventure American Fork. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bye Bye Christmas - Hello Fresh New year

With the New Year, January brings reflection. It also is a time for weeding through things, attitudes and behaviors and deleting them out of our lives. Doesn't that make you feel good to look towards what we want to become, what we plan to accomplish and how we will accomplish our goals.
As I am contemplating taking down all of my holiday decorations, my home becomes a blank canvas in my mind. What will I put in its place? Will I just "replace" those holiday decorations with exactly what was there before or perhaps its time to do a good "spring cleaning", refresh the color scheme, replace the tattered pillows and update the family photos with the beautiful new pictures that were recently gifted to us.

I begin to think of the ways in which my life could be renewed if I would "take down" those actions, behaviors and thoughts that no longer are representing me for what I want them to and who I want to be at this season of my life. Renewal in the New Year...Yes this is going to be FUN!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Thinking about how each of us are so unique in our approach to beginning the New Year, I've enjoyed reading some of my favorite business and craft related sites. I've also had many one on one conversations with friends about New Years resolutions, goals and how they plan on getting started in the New Year.

Are you the excited for the New Year person? Do you write out detailed business and personal goals?

Maybe you take time to reflect and pray and perhaps even fast as a way of experiencing the "Out with the old...In with the new" philosophy.

Perhaps you long for what was and struggle with the process of saying goodbye to 2011...

I hate the process of planning for anything new, BUT as I get going I find I relish all the details and I especially enjoy seeing valuable change taking place.

Monday January 2nd, 2012 I began a lifestyle reset. Dr Shawn Talbott makes a powerful case discusing optimal health and metabolic balance. His discussion of the 4 Pillars of Health present a unified theory to preventing premature aging and of promoting optimal health. In 2012 I am incorporating new habits designed toward strengthening my 4 Pillars,  I'll be sharing my experiences along the way.

I'm feeling excited, adventurous, healthy, alive, talented, powerful, determined and yes, apprehensive as this New Year begins :)

Do you love this quote as much as I do? You can order a printed copy of this image from the artist, click on the image.
I wish you all the best for YOUR New Year!