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Sunday, January 1, 2017

"One Word" My Focus For 2017

Today we are stepping into a brand new year.

 For some it is viewed as just another day and for others it is just another New Year and for still others it is THAT day or more directly New Years day but for many others it is THE Day to begin anew. 

It may mean that time of special reflection and goal setting. Perhaps you write out a page of resolutions in expectation of getting it right this year... Getting to your appointments on time, losing a specific amount of weight, beginning an exercise regimen, following through on your To Do List daily, improving one's health, and on and on.  By the mid point of the year less than 47% of those folks have kept their resolution. 

Ultimately resolutions can be very difficult to maintain. There are many reasons but I feel it is very similar to an interesting definition I heard many years ago that has been attributed to among others: Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain. Perhaps you know it too... "Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results" {Insanity}. I find that "the same thing" is setting those goals and resolutions but finding down the road we just need a break from that diet or our exercise is too difficult or even that we simply can't check off those To Do's and then we begin to beat ourselves up for our lack of determination etc. All in all I think many would agree that the New Year and its freshness might feel like a revolving door un-achieved resolutions/goals.
A number of years ago as my new calendar was making it's debut I also had been hearing about choosing a single word, or "One Word" for the New Year.
I began to ruminate on this concept as well. When our family got together to celebrate Thanksgiving 2014 I shared an idea with them. This idea was to create [oh yeah, this blog is mostly about creating] a banner...a simple one made with shipping tags. Each tag would represent our personal "One Word". It turned out really cute and it was such a fun but meaningful project.

I have continued to select a new word year by year. Why? For me it is about a single FOCUS. 
I wanted to share a few other articles and sites that shared "One Word" experiences, thoughts or ideas. I hope you will find it a challenge for you and perhaps check out
a few of the links below.

In case you are wondering what I selected for my "One Word" in this New Year is...Drum Roll ........ I selected Complete...

Colossians 2:10New King James Version (NKJV)

10 and you are complete in Him, who is the head of all principality and power.
So-ooo perhaps you will join me, if so....
One more thought...

If it is worth our focus, worth our ruminating, worth thinking and debating on what "One Word" important...

What does that mean? Treat it like when we are determined to memorize that very important class assignment or the name of someone very special to you!