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Friday, October 31, 2014

Did You Know?...Tips About Stockpiled Scrapbooking Supplies Part 1

Today begins a multi-part article where I will share some tips and tidbits about stockpiled scrapbooking supplies. 

What made me think about my stockpiles of supplies originally was that I had come across this very informative (and funny) scrapbooking article on a now defunct site a number of years back. It was all about stockpiling scrapbooking supplies and OH boy did it have the details. The kind of details that hint at "Don't let my DH see this, he will veto every Scrapbook Convention I plan to attend for the next 7 years." (Attending those conventions means an automatic increase of my craft supplies by 10%)

But for you my sweet girlfriends, especially those of you who like to plan and organize, I will share the authors calculations and insights (because friends share all the juicy details, right?)


  • Did you know that an inch of pattern paper is estimated to be 100 sheets or 75 finished pages?

  • Did you know that one inch of cardstock is roughly 50 pages finished? How many inches do YOU have? How many pages do you do a year?

  • Do you have over 12 inches (1 foot) of cardstock or printed paper? Do you realize that is enough paper for 1000 pages? Are you stockpiling for someday when you already own enough paper to do thousands of pages?

     Does it still count it it is well organized?

I'm pretty sure I could provide supplies for a scrappers retreat!