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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Tea Time With The Grandkids

It was our first visit since the birth of little brother Leo Alexander so we were catching up, celebrating birthday parties (Luke's 6th on March 23rd had just passed and Fiona's 10th April 4th had also just passed) and generally just enjoying time together. We planned our very first tea party ever. Fiona, Luke, Grandma Ferrier and Grandpa Ferrier held the tea party at the apartment in San Jose, Ca. Grandma interviewed the children to get ideas of what would be the perfect foods to serve, what kinds of teas to plan for and of course what theme to use. Luke asked for Honey Water Tea, sharing that he loved cinnamon buns and chocolate and Fiona said she adored Pomegranate tea and her favorites for a tea party would be cookies and chocolate. Grandma and Grandpa found a teapot and small cups at World Market and some Lacey cookies. The local Safeway had fresh strawberries, blackberries, Cinnamon Buns and some Salted Caramel cookies. Then we found some savory snacks at Trader Joe's; our newest favorite cheese, Cambozola along with some Rosemary crackers and Trader Joe's Pretzel Slims and some Agave Nectar. A visit to the local dollar store was perfect to set the table with square shaped floral plates with matching napkins and clever egg shaped toothpicks for the fresh fruit bites. Luke helped set the table and prepare the fruit bites while the tea was brewing. It turned out to be a wonderful tea party!

As we enjoyed our tea and munched the delicious sweet and savory foods we talked about our plans for the next tea party and the excitement of getting to come to grandmas house! I am so very delighted to enjoy this time with my grandkids and cannot wait to have them come to my house too!