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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Several weeks ago my DH and I went to "couples night out". Our group watched a movie called "Fireproof". It is a wonderful movie aimed at showing how one couples relationship which was on the brink of disaster, turned around because of "the love dare". My husband commented that it really challenged him to treat our relationship with a renewed eye on what our spouse needs...not just what our personal want or desire in our relationship is.

So-ooooo today was a way of showing this concept in action...My dear sweet husband planned a really terrific day for us. We enjoyed a leisurely morning around the house before heading into Salt Lake for some breakfast at Mimi's. We enjoyed two of our favorite things, French Toast and an Omelet...mmmm-mmm. Then we headed out for some serious shopping...what can I say, I have such an amazing hunny! First stop was at Taipan Traders. I love that store!!! We found an adorable bunny Easter Basket that ended up jumping into our cart, along with a cute carrot (because the bunny needs to eat, ha-ha) and a few other home items. Then we were on to Ashley Furniture, then Orson Gygi... OMG that store is amazing. Our last stop was probably best of all for sweet hubby...Home Depot. All in all a fun day, thanks sweetheart :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


A bit of learning never hurt anyone, and in fact I found it quite rewarding. I am teaching myself Photoshop...or should I say that I have these amazing internet teachers who have so graciously created some amazing tutorials and podcasts.

I really must say Thank You! Thank You! Here is my page in progress, a lesson in how to create a realistic folded corner. my instructor was Misty Cato and I followed along with her and learned I must say... it turned out quite well :) Here is the work in progress... I'll update this as I make changes to the page.