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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Zumba in the Today Show

I signed up for an exciting, invigorating, wild and crazy Zumba class...what am I crazy???

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sweet Sunday

What do you think of when you think Sunday? Sleeping in? Getting up late? Watching your favorite team play football on TV? Perhaps you savor it, staying up as late as you dare because Monday means going to work .

Since my dear sweet husband and I decided to trade in the 40/40 work plan (40 hours a week for 40 years for someone else's dreams) we don't dread Monday anymore...we enjoy Sunday as we really wanted to spend it. It really is a time to rest, refresh and rejoice in our saviour.

Today in church we were talking about barriers to sharing our faith. We talked about the importance of relationships. Isn't it true in so many areas of life? Relationships make the world go around. We enjoy the special priviledge of working side by side with friends. As we develop our relationships, helping each other toward freedom, we change our financial future and our dreams can become reality.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Canning Season

My trees are brimming with delicious plums, Transparent, Red Delicious and another unknow variety of apples are hanging heavy on the trees. The weather threatens some freezing nights so several days ago we picked all the plums.

For a single tree we have alot of fruit, thank goodness for my friend Dixie. We prepared plum preserves today...In past years, and now this season, she has made the task of washing, sorting, trimming and finally canning the fruit much lighter. We started with three bags brimming with fruit. We set aside one bag of very firm fruit for fresh eating then got busy on the other two.

Someone recently shared that they sorely missed the time getting together to quilt, canning or in other ways help one another. It was thier observation that it was a time to solve the problems of the world and a time to train up the younger less experienced in life. I tend to agree...we caught up on each others families, shared our concerns of political manuvering going on in our nation, discussed how we handled problems, talked of how to be a better persons and generally enjoyed the process of making delicious preserves :)

It is alot of work but I'll do it again because it enriches my experience and gosh, it tastes wonderful...especially on warm bread.