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Friday, April 16, 2010

Forget-Me-Not Keeper Project from Stampin' Up!

Anyone who knows me also knows I get almost as excited about a good organizing idea as I do a fun project. I'm so excited about this idea because it works for both organizing and creating!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Day After April Fools Day

Why do I remember today...April 2nd in such a way? There are stories from our past that sit there on the edge of our mind, and when a phone number or car type or in this case a date comes up it reminds us of this strong memory.In my case it comes in the form of a shared experience with my great aunt, someone whom I dearly love. I credit her as THE most positive and beautiful mentor in my life. I spent the sweetest memories from my childhood with her family, (Bobo my great uncle, Nana the great aunt who I share about and Grace thier adult daughter who lived with them while these memories were impressed so deeply into my mind.)

Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday dear are gone but not forgotten.
We spent many ordinary days with my aunt and uncle and there were many stories she shared. This particular day we talked about April Fools Day and the silly pranks some like to play. Our conversation took a twist and Nana mentioned her birthday...the fact that it was on Easter that year. She went on to tell us how it would only happen a few times in her lifetime...She was born in 1887... It happened on her 6th, 12th and 74th birthdays in her lifetime.

One of my favorite times that we saw one another was around the Easter Holiday. Each year Nana & Bobo would hand make an easter basket out of colorful chipboard  lined with easter grass. Inside the basket were the most exquisite colored eggs. The colors were rich and vibrant, no comparison to the pale dyed eggs with crayola writing our family colored each year together. They may have given us candy too but I really have no recollection of it...just the beautiful eggs. This story was ordinary, even though she was not. I celebrate you Nana.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Were not in the land of GOOGLE anymore!!??

So what did YOU think this morning when you hopped on the net?? I casually opened my browser set to my favorite search engine, Google to discover TOPEKA, and ok, I'm used to seeing the many different ways Google has dressed up their site but what is this??? What is Google up to now.... TOPEKA? 
I thought about it for a few minutes and decided that this past decade has been all about flexibility, change and being open to new ideas. Then I thought...OK now... why TOPEKA? will a less flexible market accept this change? Umm TOPEKA sounds like a word suggesting we can search for and find a topic.Umm...Wait a minute!! I've been PRANKED! Yup! Sure enough...It's April Fools DAY!