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Monday, June 25, 2012

Where Oh Where Do I Store my ATC Collection?

If you've been dropping by The Scraproom, you already know I have been learning about, creating and swapping ATC's for several months. It really has been a blast experimenting with these small works of art but my office desk and art space are overflowing with piles of mail, art supplies, scraps an lots of fun ATC's. So now my next dilemma... Where Oh Where Do I Store my ATC Collection?

I was happy to come across a video instruction on how to make an ATC Holder and have created a really cute Accordion Style ATC Holder. I'm happy to report it has cut down on some of the stacks and piles, LOL.

 I hope you'll try out this tutorial. You'll find the written instructions for my simple ATC Holder below.


1 piece cardstock cut to 4"x11" MAIN SHELL
2 pieces cardstock cut to 4"x2.75"  SIDES
2 pieces designer paper 2.75"x3.75"  FRONT/BACK Design
1 piece designer paper 1.75"x3.75" TOP Design
Simply Scored score board
strong double stick adhesive ( red liner tape)
optional supplies: bird punch and complementary scrap papers, velcro or tiny 2 part magnet with a positive and negative side.
Score the 4" x 11" MAIN SHELL cardstock  along the long side at 3", 5", 8", 10". There will be 1" left to serve as the flap. Bend the main shell along the score lines to form the basic box shape.

Score the two 4" x 2.75"  SIDES along the long sides at 1/2" increments. Accordian fold the sides and crease well. Apply score tape to each end. Remove liner from tape and align as close to the inside edge of the main shell as possible. (Before adhering accordion pleats to side of main body be careful to position and adhere each side with the print facing the top if necessary.) Repeat on second side. Adhere top, front and back designer papers to box. If desired, punch out bird, wing and leafy branch and glue into place over designer papers. If desired put velcro or magnet in place to close ATC Holder.
Note: You'll notice my designer paper panels look to be a different size than my measurements...yup they are <blush>.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The continuing saga of the ATC...

The ATC experiment/experience has truely sucked me in. Art supplies that had for a very long time, been collecting dust are finally out and flashing thier color, texture and stickiness LOL. I find myself mingling digital media with paper scraps, charms, glitters and pearl-y pigments...I'm having a great time!
My projects these past days have been:
So what do you think of my Mythical Creature ATC's? I was hurrying to get this swap in the mail and discovered an interesting fact... Kinda a Murphys Law thing... The specialty pearlscent paint I used on the inside of the shell of the ATC to the right does not dry unless you've used a porous paper. Hmmm, nope I used a slick surface paper...errr! Soooo on to creating another similar card with a homemade rendition (I mixed pearl-x into modpodge) to get a similar look but not the soft white I had planned. I like the outcome.We'll just hope my swap partner likes it, especially since it was delayed past the due date.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Alphabet ATC's On to D

My current obsession with Swap-bot and more specifically the ATC led me to sign up on Swap-bot for  23 plus swaps this month...what was I thinking LOL!
Oh yeah...I was thinking "this looks FUN". I have been working like a busy bee down in my scraproom to meet all the deadlines and my once "slightly organized" scraproom is...Lets just say...NOT.
The most recent ones to fly out the door were the Just the letter ATC series (Letter D). I am making good progress at getting the making of my ATC's all systematized. Yup, thats always my first goal because until I have that down pat my creativity is on the low side and my muse is no where in sight.

Delight In The...
But I digress... The challenge was to NOT create an ATC with the image of something that starts with the letter...hmmm. Soooo-oo D for Dog and an image of a dog...NOT! I read those instructions after I finished my first card. OK, so now I have an ATC for another swap he-he.

I suppose I should explain the title for my lower case d. My neighbor, a woman of Korean descent asked me one day "What is chirp?" She was refering to hearing that the birds were chirping quite loudly. As we talked about this I learned that birds "sing", "dance" and other descriptives but alas no "chirp" in her language. My ATC is about dance :)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Favorite Youtube Videos

Recently I completed a Swap-bot swap that involved sending my favorite Youtube DYI links to 6 swap partners. These swap partners do not necissarily share the same interests so the potential for alot of new ideas was stimulating and tantalizing to say the least! The day I spent as I compiled my favorites was lots of fun as I sorted through my youtube channel and my favorites list. The fav list alone was quite daunting...over 100 were in that collection! It gave me a reason to review and sort them which was a "good thing" as Ms. Martha would say.  I came away with my list of 10 plus current favorites based off of the most recent crafty interests but of course we all have a few youtube videos that make us happy, right?
Here was my list...


Friday, June 8, 2012

Up To The ATC Challenge

If you've been by lately, you know I've been learning how to do little things... ATC's that is :) Over at Swap-bot there are some interesting challenges going on in the month of June and I've signed up to participate in a few. Oh I'm noticing a trend here... ATC!
Book page ATC #4
 I hope all my blog friends (YOU) will continue to stop by and see how I progress. Lets see...Am I truely up to the ATC challenge?
I yeah, I forgot to mention another swap I've instigated I mean I suggested LOL.
My friend Melanie Diane isa demonstrator Stampin Up and we get together monthly for Stamp Club. I suggested to her that we all do an ATC SWAP. Well the group of us started talking and before long we came up with a theme and some basic guidelines. Here it is...
  • Stamp Club ATC YOUR Life Interest
I'll be sharing more about these swaps as I create my submissions and as I receive them from my partners. Most of the swaps have just one or two partners. The last one will have 6-10...this will be the biggest project I have done in a while! I'm STOKED!