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Monday, December 3, 2012

Neighbor Christmas Treat Bags

Each year as the holidays approach I am on the lookout for clever ideas to create a gift to share with my neighbors and friends. I love Christmas and giftgiving but it can be physically taxing to get all of my preparations and shopping done. Each year I look to getting my tasks done earlier so I can spend time doing fun activities, hanging with family and friends. In July I saw a wonderful little hand made perfect for those special homemade cookies, candies and other created surprises. I decided right then I needed to try it out then get my thoughts recorded so when the holidays came I would be ready with the idea. I'm a visual learner and I was so grateful to the folks at Cosmocricket for their How to Fold a Treat Bag Video Tutorial. And....Ta-da!!! I've found the perfect treat for my neighbors I though but when it came time to work on the treats I changed my mind and went with a chocolate dipped mini pretzel because of all the fun possibilities in decorating and flavoring them. I can't wait to hear what my neighbors think of them :)

Here are my results...Isn't it cute!!