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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Moving Handmade Card Designs To Your Scrapbooking Layouts

When I first moved to Utah I was amazed at the number of people who were into scrapbooking. My interests were in the paper arts, rubberstamping and cardmaking being the main focus of my attention. Our neighbohood is is a very friendly group and that first week I had many kind people inviting me to sewing groups, hiking and walking groups, and the like. It lead to an invitation to teach my skills to a local group of likeminded women.  I thought on how I could bring together my love of rubberstamping and the paper arts and combine it with the strong scrapbooking influence of the area. What I came up with was an idea to design a rubberstamped card for each class then translate that basic card design into a scrapbook layout. Below are a few examples of the class projects where we did just that...rubberstamped card designs and then similarly I moved those ideas to scrapbooking pages.
Below are several class projects to show you how the whole idea worked out.
Cowboy Up Scrap page Layout

Cowboy Up Scrap page Layout and Card

Embossed Reindeer Card
Snow Much Fun scrap layout
To Our Fathers scrap page and card

My Heritage layout and card design.

Monday, May 20, 2013

SPRING...Green popping up everywhere?!

Green is popping up everywhere! My fruit trees are budded, the chives have erupted, strawberry plants are spreading thier little runners everywhere so WHY oh WHY do we have snow FLURRIES? Here it is May and we have snow flurries! LOL well one thing these little surprises do give me is a bit more desire to sneak down to my craft room to play. Do you wonder where I've been? I've been busy catching up on some recent swap commitments. Just recently we had an unexpected trip out of town that followed our return from our annual Xango Elevation retreat...this year's trip was a cruise to the beautiful Western Carribean. When we headed out of town there was just a faint hint of green in the lawn but coming back the lawn has greened up (aside from the white from the unexpected flurry.) The iris are beginning to bloom, I see sunflower leaflets emerging at my friends house and it just excites me to use some of my flower embellishments I've been stashing since fall :) I wanted to take a
minute to show off some of the things I've been working on.

After all that creating my craftroom has become a huge mess of leftover scraps so most recently I finished some swaps using up some of the leftovers and discards LOL. I've decided I need to do that swap more frequently :)