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Monday, September 16, 2013

Sweet September BOLD X926

September brings a smile to my face, I love the change of colors, the crisp nights, garden fresh produce, the whirlwind of back to school and planning to celebrate another anniversary with my husband of almost 41 years! The first day of Fall is just one week away and so is our aniversary :)
We'll be savoring the memories of last year's travels around the country as we headed to Vermont, it was magical!
This year we will be celebrating in our fair state of Utah where we have some of our own astonishingly beautiful scenery. Perhaps we'll celebrate our anniversary a week or two later this year... A very exciting opportunity is about to be released and we are truely on fire with anticipation of it's launch. X926 is the code name...Sh-hhh don't tell anyone but the components of this new product and its opportunity will in September of 2013 mark the bold beginning of a momentous era within XANGO and across the MLM landscape!
Did you ever wish you had heard about something when it was still brand new...ground floor? Well I'm telling you now...This is a HUGE opportunity for those who take action now. Do YOU want to learn more? Click Here!