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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Many Rabbit Trails?

It's funny how the mind can can head down a rabbit trail. My good friend often said this  about herself when she started on one topic and it wove here and there finally came to rest at a completely different topic. The title of my post...How Many Rabbit Trails  was a moment where I paused to ask myself (then had to Google) How many days until 2017? 

In case you are curious too, we have seen  286 days pass and we are now just 80 days away from the New Year according to Easysurf

Talking about rabbit trails, as I thought for a moment about the speed at which the year has passed it caused me to wonder just how many weeks I have left in this year. is a cool little widget that  tells me there are just 11 weeks until December 31st, that's 79 days and OH my... that means there is just 73 days Christmas.  

All this thinking about countdowns reminds me of one really looming countdown in my country. Our USA Presidential Elections are just 26 days away so hopefully you are not still on the fence, <sigh>.